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about us

About HSS Soft

We are a diverse group of individuals with a passion for excellence! From our top executives, to our recruiters, business development managers and administrative support, we have a combined IT expertise in systems management, project management, development, design, architecture and programming. Using our backbone of IT knowledge and expertise allows us to perfectly match our consultant skills to our client needs.

While having IT expertise is terrific, it's even better when it can be applied to several industries!

Our Specialities Include

  • Technology
  • Capital Markets
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Solutions

Core Values

Build a culture of leadership. Everyone in our company is a leader of his own role and responsibilities. We ask ourselves of three magic questions that promote leadership.

  • How do we get better? (Continuous improvement)
  • Is this really important? (Prioritization)
  • How can I help you? (Team work)

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